About Us

Maruva Trust is a UK registered charity. Its primary aim is to improve the lives of HIV positive children through the development of appropriate care and support services.

Increasing access to Antiretroviral drugs is transforming the lives of HIV positive children around the world. With appropriate management and treatment, children born with HIV are becoming stronger and growing up through adolescence. However, starting on this treatment is only the beginning of a very long journey for children living with HIV. They may be physically stronger but they face considerable psychological and social challenges as a result of their HIV status.

If HIV positive children are to enjoy happy, fulfilled lives, they need to learn essential skills which will help them to to cope better with their HIV status, to access appropriate care and support services, to remain adherent to their treatment and to pursue their hopes and dreams for their future. Appropriate psychosocial support services can help children to develop these skills and confidence. Maruva Trust’s current primary role is to support the work of Africaid in Zimbabwe.

“When I was told I was HIV positive, I thought noone would want to hug me or touch me. Then I joined one of Africaid’s support groups and I know I am loved, I am just like anyone else and that having HIV does not mean that I am going to die.” (Tinashe, 14 yrs old, Harare)